So it's four years since I first picked up Pico-8 to try and learn how to make proper games and here I am still tinkering with my first project.

My plan is to release a Christmas-themed asset swap of this game soon, so I had to get the base game into a better state first:

  • Added a sprite outline to make characters and objects stand out better and just generally look nicer
  • Added particle effects because of course I needed to add particle effects
  • Added a tutorial because I think the whole combo system completely went over a lot of people's heads. Not knowing how the combo system works makes the game a horrible slog.
  • Refactored (that's the correct term, right?) a lot of the code to free up token space. I was using a lot of tables as containers for variables, which is a really token-inefficient way of doing things even if it does look lovely and organised.
  • Probably some other tweaks I forgot about--give me a break, I did most of the work on this months ago and only just got round to finishing it off.


banana-chase-3.0.html.zip 501 kB
Dec 01, 2022
banana-chase-3.0_windows.zip 1,000 kB
Dec 01, 2022
banana-chase-3.0_linux.zip 761 kB
Dec 01, 2022
banana-chase-3.0_osx.zip 3 MB
Dec 01, 2022
banana-chase-3.0_raspi.zip 2 MB
Dec 01, 2022

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