So here it is, my third Ludum Dare Compo entry and the second featuring Crazy-Taxi-like mechanics. Say what you will about Ludum Dare, but they sure know how to pick boring themes: Delay the inevitable. Sounds kind of futile, right?

Anyway, in Starforce you play Asteroids whilst playing Crazy Taxi. It's got the same two-colour thing I was doing with Rogue Renegade, except this time it's green!

This is a compo entry, made in 48 hours, so there are known issues:

•Lots of slow-down, this might have been partly mitigated in the last few changes I made before submission. Probably not.

•Difficulty. The game probably isn't all that hard, there's not enough constant challenge. Nothing can be happening and them you just get wiped out by two huge asteroids.


starforce-1.0.html.zip Play in browser
Apr 04, 2022
starforce-1.0_windows.zip 955 kB
Apr 04, 2022
starforce-1.0_linux.zip 712 kB
Apr 04, 2022
starforce-1.0_osx.zip 3 MB
Apr 04, 2022
starforce-1.0_raspi.zip 2 MB
Apr 04, 2022
starforce-1.0.p8.png 31 kB
Apr 04, 2022

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