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Buuuurn them all! Mother of dragons! ^^ I love it

Thanks! There should be more games that let you play as dragons.

I had too much fun on this one. Love everything about it. Great idea and execution!

Thanks. I was lucky to get such an evocative name to work with. :)

I just wanna eat some cattle and burn stuff but then these knights attacking me & they so strong!

Good game!

All will burn. >:)

Hahaha, excellent game! Really fun idea :)

Cheers, I always loved controlling the dragons in Warcraft 2, which is probably where a lot of inspiration for the game came from. 

this game is pity good actually

Glad you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Dragons Playground is a lot of fun to play. Really great art and sound! Congrats :)

Glad you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Love the music!

Thanks, I spent more time than I usually would trying to compose something catchy and I was really happy with how it turned out, glad you appreciated it!

I really enjoyed this. Lots of character. The gameplay loop of taking on the wizards while eating cattle to keep your health up feels really nice. Great art also.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I was worried about making the wizards too hard, so I was happy it managed to come together in the end. :)

Wow, this is actually really fun stuff! For being such a simple game, you really do feel like a dragon leveling swaths of land.

I did notice that the game lagged quite a bit if you burned a few things at a time (wheat fields).

Also, the wizard is devastating, he can end you really quick. Not that that's really an issue, I kinda like it.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, there's quite a bit of slow-down when you light up the fields, also when you start some levels it takes a while to load. I'm hoping to add a bit more polish to this, sort some of those bugs, and make it a proper release. Once again, thanks for playing :)