Clever Pixel was made for LOWREZJAM 2020. In Clever Pixel you are a single pixel and must battle your way through a large interconnected dungeon world. Play time: ~30 minutes.

Controls: Arrow keys, X, Z, Enter. Controller support.

Clever Pixel was developed in Pico-8. This was the second game jam I've taken part in and my fourth properly finished project on Pico-8. As is becoming usual, it was a great, challenging learning experience.

I was really pleased with how flexible the game is in terms of play time. My attempt at a full play-through took me about 48 minutes on hard, but it's possible to blast through Easy in under 7 minutes. An unforeseen consequence of reducing the resolution to 64x64 was that I had much more space on the map, 16x8 screen widths on the map, rather than the usual 8x4, which let me create a far larger, more sprawling game world than my previous projects.

I don't know how making revisions to the game will affect ratings and such, since it's past the deadline now.

Known bugs:
The boss can easily cause Pico-8 to run out of memory, if you try to fight it. I can't believe this one slipped through. :\
Various collision issues, there are a few places you can get stuck in the walls. You can use the famous cheat code to free yourself so you don't have to reset.


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Clever Pixel 1.0 - Windows 1 MB
Clever Pixel 1.0 - Linux 664 kB
Clever Pixel 1.0 - OSX 3 MB

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