v1.01 - One of the many stubborn, cockroach-like bugs in this game managed to survive my rigorous[citation needed] testing process. The game would crash when trying to place tinsel or fairy lights on the last three targets.


ola-tannenbaum-v1.01.html.zip Play in browser
Dec 04, 2020
ola-tannenbaum-v1.01_linux.zip 664 kB
Dec 04, 2020
ola-tannenbaum-v1.01_osx.zip 3 MB
Dec 04, 2020
ola-tannenbaum-v1.01_raspi.zip 1 MB
Dec 04, 2020
ola-tannenbaum-v1.01_windows.zip 1 MB
Dec 04, 2020

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