So it's January and I'm still tweaking my Christmas game.

•Added a screenshot function to the end screen

•Moved text around on the end screen so it looks a bit nicer

•The game changes music when you have 40, 30, 20 decorations left, the game now explicitly tells you how many decorations you have left, so it's a bit clearer what's going on.

•Hopefully made the tutorial text clearer. The tutorial was actually confusing new players more than it was teaching them.


ola-tannenbaum-1.04_html.zip Play in browser
Jan 12, 2021
ola-tannenbaum-1.04_windows.zip 1 MB
Jan 12, 2021
ola-tannenbaum-1.04_linux.zip 664 kB
Jan 12, 2021
ola-tannenbaum-1.04_osx.zip 3 MB
Jan 12, 2021
ola-tannenbaum-1.04_raspi.zip 1 MB
Jan 12, 2021

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