Here's v1.0 for Sub-Uber Marine. Lots of changes and tweaks to the game. Hopefully I can remember everything that's been added:

•Fancy camera that pans to give a better view ahead.

•Colour-coded divers. Green divers only want to go a short distance. Yellow are medium distance fares. Red are the longest.

•Lots of tweaks and adjustments to the map

•Three game modes: Arcade is the classic Crazy-Taxi-esque gameplay. Day shift gives you 8 minutes to deliver as many fares as possible. In Night Shift there are 20 fares that you need to complete as quickly as possible.

•Added a high score screen for each game mode.

•Added an info screen and a 'How to Play' screen in lieu of a proper tutorial.

•The game now runs at 60fps.

•Sonar pings are much clearer than in the jam version

•Destinations have rings to show you where to drop off customers

•Kelp is now better animated.

•Parallax scrolling background added to the deep sea.

•Lots of particle work. Fancy clouds, submarine damage fragments. Bubbles were a major source of performance problems in earlier versions.

•Night shift has a fancy night palette and a starry night sky.

•Three new music tracks added. One for each game mode and the high score screen

•Options added to the Pico-8 menu to disable music, change music tracks, turn off the fancy camera, and reset high scores.


sub-uber-marine-1.0.html.zip 463 kB
Dec 15, 2021
sub-uber-marine-1.0_windows.zip 960 kB
Dec 15, 2021
sub-uber-marine-1.0_linux.zip 717 kB
Dec 15, 2021
sub-uber-marine-1.0_osx.zip 3 MB
Dec 15, 2021
sub-uber-marine-1.0_raspi.zip 2 MB
Dec 15, 2021

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