Bit of a weird update here. This is essentially an update that fixes a crash seemingly caused by some change in the Pico-8 API, presumably from v.0.2.5. This update fixes a crash at launch.

The plot thickens because the last version of the game I uploaded was v1.0 but then when I went back to the code I had apparently been doing some more work on the game and had bumped things up to v1.01. It's been a while so I can't remember what I was working on in the game, so I guess that v1.02 is somehow better in other ways too. Mystery update!


sub-uber-marine-1.02.html.zip Play in browser
Jan 30, 2023
sub-uber-marine-1.02_windows.zip 995 kB
Jan 30, 2023
sub-uber-marine-1.02_linux.zip 755 kB
Jan 30, 2023
sub-uber-marine-1.02_osx.zip 3 MB
Jan 30, 2023
sub-uber-marine-1.02_raspi.zip 2 MB
Jan 30, 2023

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