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the problem is bayonet charge lol


Yeah the bayonet charge is a bit janky at the moment. Fixing that is on the to-do list! :)

The problem is, the enemy is too weak to respond. I never let my men fire a single bullet and they never lost a battle.  But I really loved this game

So, you're using the bayonet tactic? It's a viable, if risky, method. ๐Ÿ˜…

Yes, we only lost one man. Benjamin, 30 years old.

When I get round to a proper post-jam version I'll very likely make the enemy a lot more challenging. It does matter what difficulty you play on, the troops you get on Hard will have much more trouble getting away with bayonet cheese (pun intended ๐Ÿ˜ ) For jam games it's usually better to go with 'too easy' than 'too hard'.


Once you get the hang of what is going on and how orders work you get sucked in to the game's theme.

Fun game! Reminds me of battles in North & South game.


On the battle of lone hill Brie Fusiliers men were waiting at the top, cannons at ready. And we kept on shooting and spraying but I had to retreat cause the last of guy he had was like a cyborg or something, would not die. Had more fun when I started to get the hang of how the game worked though still not 100% sure on it all. Fun stuff!