This is my second submission to the jam, as the jam was extended a whole month I had enough time to rewind after my first submission, get together some ideas and knock this one out. This game was a lot of hard work, despite having given up on a turn-based combat game before because it was too hard I still somehow managed to underestimate how hard I would find this. The game also needed a lot of UI stuff, and UI stuff is hard.

The hardest part was the (extremely limited) animation in combat. I avoided adding animation until very late, and it's clear I should have had it in mind from the start.

There were a lot more features I wanted to add but ran out of time/tokens. The one I'm most bothered about is not being able to get palette-swapped enemies into the game, increasing the randomness even more.


toyrogue-1.0.html.zip Play in browser
Feb 01, 2021
toyrogue-1.0_windows.zip 3 MB
Feb 01, 2021
toyrogue-1.0_linux.zip 1 MB
Feb 01, 2021
toyrogue-1.0_osx.zip 9 MB
Feb 01, 2021
toyrogue-1.0_raspi.zip 4 MB
Feb 01, 2021


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