After posting the game to Newgrounds and it getting a heck of a lot more playtesting than it would do otherwise, I've added enemy scaling so that the more time passes in the game, the stronger the enemies get. Enemies scale more aggressively depending on difficulty, so Hard is quite a bit harder now seeing as resting to full health between fights is not a smart strategy anymore (who did that, anyway?)


toyrogue-1.04.html.zip Play in browser
Mar 17, 2021
toyrogue-1.04_windows.zip 1 MB
Mar 17, 2021
toyrogue-1.04_linux.zip 707 kB
Mar 17, 2021
toyrogue-1.04_osx.zip 3 MB
Mar 17, 2021
toyrogue-1.04_raspi.zip 1 MB
Mar 17, 2021


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