Unsurprisingly, a bunch of bugs slipped their way past my incredibly rigorous testing regime. I'm just as shocked as you are. So here's v1.01


•Fixed crash when enemies respawn.

•Fixed crash when firing at two adjacent enemies.

•Fixed aiming not properly locking onto/targeting enemies.

•Quad Damage now has correct respawn time.

Combat Rules

If the combat makes absolutely no sense, well read on and it'll still probably make no sense.

Each held weapon rolls for damage and the highest score is compared against the highest enemy score.

Exchanging fire consumes the oldest weapon held by each player (unless the player is on their last die.)

If a player loses a combat round, they lose their newest weapon or some armour.

Alerted enemies fire a free shot at the player.

The player can fire at enemies off-screen.

If the player has the quad damage power-up, their score is multiplied by 4 and the enemy will lose 4 dice instead of 1.


lrarena_1.01.html.zip Play in browser
Aug 15, 2022
lrarena_1.01_windows.zip 962 kB
Aug 15, 2022
lrarena_1.01_linux.zip 720 kB
Aug 15, 2022
lrarena_1.01_osx.zip 3 MB
Aug 15, 2022
lrarena_1.01_raspi.zip 2 MB
Aug 15, 2022

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