I thought it would be cool to record a gameplay video of the game but in attempting to record the video I encountered several more bugs and crashes so it turned into another bug-fixing session. Anyway, finally managed to get a video recorded, that will be uploaded soon. For now, here's v1.02


•Bullets fired by enemy with same name as player were not behaving properly
•Quad damage takes longer to respawn
•Removed quad damage from west tech base
•Fixed a crash when only 6 enemies remained
•Fixed crash when player moved out of range during enemy reaction fire


lrarena_1.02.html.zip Play in browser
Aug 16, 2022
lrarena_1.02_windows.zip 959 kB
Aug 16, 2022
lrarena_1.02_linux.zip 717 kB
Aug 16, 2022
lrarena_1.02_osx.zip 3 MB
Aug 16, 2022
lrarena_1.02_raspi.zip 2 MB
Aug 16, 2022

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