It was late by the time I uploaded v1.0 yesterday and wasn't in the mood for typing up a devlog so here's v1.01 to make up for it.

Introduction: THE VISITOR, a short adventure horror game for Pico-8 made for HORRORJAM.

It has been many years since the end of the War. As you step off the small boat that carried you to this place you feel like a stranger. Is this home any more?

It will spoil the game to give too much away at this point, all I will say is struggling to work out what you're supposed to do is the point. Enjoy the journey, man.

v1.0 was a completely untested mess and happily crashed most times on the end screen, so 1.01 should be a vast improvement. Here are the changes:

  • Increased the radius on item, scenery and NPC interaction.
  • You can now only go to sleep when you're tired.
  • A dead NPC could still hold a conversation.
  • Several NPC quests didn't work.
  • Talking to the scavenger could crash the game.
  • The meditation mat didn't work.
  • Debug messages removed.
  • Debug circles on the beast removed.
  • Messages display in different colours now to help differentiate between NPC dialogue, inner monologue and item descriptions.
  • Moved the Archaeologist's report to make it easier to pick up.
  • Entering/exiting the ruin shouldn't get you stuck in the wall now.

All of that became apparent after one playthrough. Expect more changes in the coming days.


visitor_1.01_windows.zip 995 kB
Nov 01, 2022
visitor_1.01_linux.zip 755 kB
Nov 01, 2022
visitor_1.01_osx.zip 3 MB
Nov 01, 2022
visitor_1.01_raspi.zip 2 MB
Nov 01, 2022
visitor_1.01.bin_html.zip 496 kB
Nov 01, 2022


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