So the game has been included in a bundle of some other horror games: https://itch.io/b/1694/horror-gems

This necessitated making sure the game isn't a total poo-show, which is a distinct possibility for a game I made in about two weeks last October and haven't really looked at since.

That's not true. At some point, if memory serves, I added a death animation and presumably fixed some quest glitches. The token count sat at 8192/8192, maxed to the max. No idea why I never uploaded this anywhere.

A long term goal was to improve the two music tracks I added to the game at the eleventh hour, copying them in from one of my previous games. The music suited the game well but felt lazy, so I decided to remix the tracks to make them bigger and shinier.

I also noticed a broken quest involving the robot head and that the game could hang if you went on a laser gun rampage--fixed these.

So here you go, v1.04! :)


visitor_1.04.html.zip Play in browser
Jan 24, 2023
visitor_1.04_windows.zip 996 kB
Jan 24, 2023
visitor_1.04_linux.zip 756 kB
Jan 24, 2023
visitor_1.04_osx.zip 3 MB
Jan 24, 2023
visitor_1.04_raspi.zip 2 MB
Jan 24, 2023


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