Okay so after watching my friend, astrangefool play through the game on stream I had a bunch of bugfixes to make as well as tidy up some loose ends: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1640787540  playthrough starts at 48:20.

  • Several scenery quests were not working properly.
  • Added a page number style display to objects, npcs and scenery, so you know how many things a given object/character has to say.
  • Filled out the free space in the sprite sheet to improve the graphics
  • Made a proper death animation
  • A mistake in the tree code was severely affecting performance on runs with lots of large trees.
  • Reduced the possible amount of rain, for better performance.
  • Moved around several items in the swamp area to make exploration more rewarding
  • A few new sprites for items
  • Slight improvements to item description texts, shortened a couple of sentences that were too long for the text function.
  • Saved a whole bunch of tokens by changing entity coordinates to screen coordinates rather than map coordinates
  • Reduced the interaction range slightly
  • Made the end screen more descriptive regardless of ending.

I think that's everything, it was a long night of coding though, so I could have missed something.


visitor_1.02_html.zip 527 kB
Nov 03, 2022
visitor_1.02_windows.zip 996 kB
Nov 03, 2022
visitor_1.02_linux.zip 756 kB
Nov 03, 2022
visitor_1.02_osx.zip 3 MB
Nov 03, 2022
visitor_1.02_raspi.zip 2 MB
Nov 03, 2022


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